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Meet Our Wonderful Therapy Horses

We appreciate all of our wonderful old horses at Angel Acres. They all have exceptional training and temperament. They are so willing to still give service which helps them and ultimately helps our children. Under that willingness, they do not realize the unspoken healing they give. How many children they make smile, all the bodies they help repair, the fragile egos made confident and all the hearts they touch. For this we take our hats off to all our wonderful 4 legged friends-our horses.


Jack is a 28 year old quarter horse that is a retired rope ranch horse donated by our friend Jane Nichols. He has been with us for 5 years and is a great member of our Angel Acres family!

AA horse Jack 2_edited_edited_edited.png
AA horse Shadow 2.jpg


Shadow is a 28 year old Tennessee Walker we got him from Paul in Portal, Arizona. He was brought a long way to get a good home with all the children to love him. He is a sweet boy and an asset to the team.

Happy to have you Shadow!


Moon is a 22 year old Registered Appaloosa we got from our friend Shelly. Originally from Oklahoma, now this pretty gentle boy will be loved by many children for years to come!

AA horse Moon 2.jpg


Ollie is a 17 year old Welsh Cob donated 8/2021 by the Dana Hall family.  He knows English & Western. He is a perfect trail horse and has worked with children before.  He is sweet & well rounded.

Great for the Angel Acres children!


In tribute to Boss & Pete & previous horses that have so gallantly served our children!

In Memoriam


Boss was a registered Quarter horse who passed away January 2023 at the age of 33. He was donated by Marty who got him 5-8-2002.  Marty and Boss started Angel Acres together 8-3-2003.  He was trail ride veteran and brought much joy and healing to a lot of children over the last twenty years. He will be missed terribly by all!

AA horse Boss 2_edited.jpg
AA horse Pete 2_edited_edited.png

In Memoriam


Pete, age 31, passed away January 19, 2023.  He was a retired roping quarter horse donated to our program by our friend Kim and her daughter.   Pete was in our program for 13 years and helped many children.  Thank you Pete!  We will all miss you!

Meet Our Wonderful Therapy Goats

Angel Acres goats 3.jpg
Angel acres goats.jpg
Angel Acres goats 2.jpg

Button and Grace

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